Wednesday, December 1

MAN Building Hybrid Diesel-Electric Engine System

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MAN, the major German engine builder, just announced that it’s developing a new hybrid engine system, called the Smart Hybrid Experience. The new system combines conventional diesel and electric modes, as well as providing another mode with zero emissions at anchor.

The new system is designed around the way you want to cruise, and it can be customized to focus on performance, comfort and efficiency. The different modes include battery-electric, diesel-electric, cross-over, hotel, and boost. Several driving and operating profiles can be set up, depending on the owner’s wishes.

An efficient, economical mode can be used to boost the range, for example, while a power boost mode can offer more torque and speed. A zero-emission mode can be set up while the boat is at anchor; it also can supply ship’s power at the same time.

“MAN Engines offers each and every customer a tailored solution for their specific hybrid needs,” said Matthias Schreiber, the head of MAN Engines. The system basically is a flexible combination of diesel engines, electric motors and batteries that permits a high degree of customized hybrid power.

The company says the MAN Hybrid Experience combines the advantages of a conventional drive system with the latest advances in electric motors and batteries. It can eliminate noise emissions, improve efficiency and extend range. The battery-electric mode means a boat can access Marine Protected Areas. Read more:





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