Wednesday, August 4

New Seakart: Half Jet Ski, Half RIB

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If you’re ready for some fun this summer, or any other time, take a look at the new Seakart 335, a hybrid mix of a jet ski and a RIB. The 11’ 5” Seakart has the fun and performance of a jet ski, combined with the capacity and safety of a RIB. Not a bad idea.

Power comes from a 110-hp or 180-hp four-stroke Yamaha jet drive. With the 110, top speed is 39 knots; with the 180, it’s 56 knots.

The Seakart has a console like that of a jet ski, down to the mirrors, but the steering is via a traditional boat wheel, not motorcycle-like handlebars. The boat has seating for five, and a ski-tow eye for watersports.

The Seakart is similar to a RIB in that it won’t capsize, and the fiberglass hull and inflated tubes give it the feeling of riding in a protective cocoon. But the Seakart turns and accelerates with the excitement of a jet ski.

It’s versatile, and can be used as a tender, a sport boat, or just something fun to have on the dock behind the house. With its waterjet power, the Seakart is safe, and you can run it up to a beach or through skinny water.

Seakarts are made in Dubai, and they come with under-seat storage, upholstered seating and a paddle throttle. You can order custom-colored tubes or have your boat name stitched on the seat backrest.

The 335 has a beam of 6’ 7”, and it weighs just 948 pounds. Read more at and see the video below:


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