Wednesday, December 1

Garmin Launches New Surround View Docking System

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Garmin just announced that it’s launching a new Surround View Camera System to enhance situational awareness and help with docking. The new system uses six cameras to maximize visibility all around the boat.

Garmin says that Surround View gives captains a bird’s-eye, 360-degree view around the boat. This visibility lets captains see what’s around their boat’s perimeter in low-speed maneuvers in real time.

The technology uses six 1080p cameras located around the boat: a forward-looking camera in the bow, a rear-looking camera aft, and two side-looking cameras on both the port and starboard sides. It displays a full overhead image that is compatible with Garmin chartplotters or MFD helm displays.

The new system has augmented reality features, including a visual bumper and distance markers that are shown in the display; these are similar to the backup camera features on most cars today. You can configure the visual bumper to show when any non-water objects such as docks or piers breach the pre-set barrier, while the distance markers will help you navigate in close quarters.

The cameras have a low profile for OEM factory-installed through-hull mountings that blend with the boat’s lines. Surround View is available on new boats built by Garmin’s partners.

Garmin will demonstrate the Surround View Camera System at the Fort Lauderdale show, starting Oct. 27. Read more:






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