Wednesday, December 1

Cruisers Find 7-Foot Python on Board

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A seven-foot-long Burmese python apparently hitched a ride on a 42-foot boat from Indian Key in the Florida Keys to Marco Island, on the Gulf coast of Florida, about 90 miles away.  One of the people on board found the snake when she opened the door to the head after the boat was tied up at a transient slip at Rose Marina on Marco Island. It was coiled up in the shower.

The Marco Island police responded and took a picture of the snake coiled around an officer’s forearm (see above). They then transferred it to a local wildlife handler.

The two people on the boat were Sandy Skwirut and Jim Hart from Chicago.

The marina wrote on its Facebook page that the snake probably slithered aboard when the boat was anchored the previous night near Indian Key, on the edge of the Everglades. Out of an abundance of caution, the boat was removed from the marina.

No one knows how the snake actually got on the boat. An official from the U.S. Geological Survey said, “Because pythons regularly escape or are released from captivity, it can be difficult to determine whether a snake encountered in the Keys arrived there by swimming from the mainland or was a former captive pet on the island.”

In May, another python, a foot larger than this one, was found on a boat in Coral Gables. Read more:



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