Sunday, February 25

New Humphree Stabilizers for Mid-Sized Boats

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Humphree just introduced its new Lightning interceptor trim and stabilizer system, designed specifically for boats from 25 to 45 feet. It’s meant to provide a stable and comfortable ride on all powerboats, whether they have inboard, outboard, or stern-drive  propulsion.

A Swedish company, Humphree was founded in 2002 and has been building trim and stabilizer systems for recreational and commercial boats ever since. (It has a U.S. office in Selbyville, Maryland.) In recent years, I’ve tested a variety of larger cruising boats with automatic Humphree interceptor systems and have always been impressed by their fast and smooth response.

With the new Lightning system, Humphree is moving into a much larger boat market; the new system also is available with built-in underwater lights, something of a bonus.

“Today, everybody wants to feel comfortable the whole time they are on the water,” said Sean Berrie, the CEO of Humphree USA. “As a result, our boatbuilding customers have been asking us for an interceptor system that is engineered and priced specifically for the production powerboat industry.”

He said that the Lightning system is “a revolutionary new interceptor that not only stabilizes smaller boats while underway, but also replaces the trim-tab system and saves OEMs the cost and time of installing underwater lights.”

The system does not take up any space inside the boat. A compact interceptor unit is installed on either side of the hull below the waterline. A servo motor drives an internal blade vertically down into the water, creating hydrodynamic lift by intercepting the flow of water under the hull. It’s incredibly fast, extending 50 mm in half a second to stabilize boats.

Lightning comes in two sizes, adaptable for a variety of hull shapes. It has a mounting bracket and a 3.5-inch digital control panel with a color touchscreen and a built-in GPS that connects to WiFi and Bluetooth for automatic software upgrades from the Humphree App.

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