Sunday, February 25

Simrad Unveils Most Powerful Radar Yet

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Simrad just introduced its most powerful radar yet, the HALO 2000 and HALO 3000, with longer ranges and more power and features than previous models.

The HALO 2000 has 50 watts of power and 72 nm of visibility; it starts at $6,399. The HALO 3000 has 130 watts of power and 96 nm of visibility. It starts at $8,499.

The new high-performance, open-array radars offer Simrad’s best clarity ever. And they access power instantly from standby mode, and in just seconds from a cold start.

The features include a Bird+ Mode, a ZoneTrack and Dangerous Target Alerts, all designed to provide more technical and safety benefits than were available before. They also have sharper beams and enhanced target separation. The new HALO series has all the power necessary to see storm cells more clearly and at greater distances than before.

The new Bird+ Mode is a boon to anglers because the radar focuses its power solely on targeting and identifying flocks of birds up to eight nm away. ZoneTrack can track up to 50 vessels in a defined area and monitor their course and speed. The Dangerous Target Alerts feature highlights the range, bearing and heading of other boats in relation to your own. And a Velocity Track illuminated targets in a color code so you can identify potential threats at a glance.

“This next generation of open array radar delivers even more power and resolution than before, offering increased safety, more accuracy and better range,” said Kevin Steinbraker, VP of digital systems at the Navico Group. “By coupling our advanced pulse scheme with our class-leading resolution, we are providing boaters of all types with the best radar on the market for target detection, resolution, system reliability, and ease of use.” Read more at and see the video below:


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