Sunday, February 25

New SiOnyx Nightwave Night-Vision Camera

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SiOnyx just introduced its innovative Nightwave night vision camera at the recent Lauderdale show. The new Nightwave is an ultra-low-light camera that adds an extra level of safety and situational awareness if you’re navigating at night or in reduced visibility.

The new Nightwave uses SiOnyx’s most advanced sensor, the Black Silicon CMOS. It sees well beyond the possibilities of human eyesight  and can detect man-sized objects almost 500 feet away in low-light situations. It also has a 44-degree field of view, offering a fairly wide look at any obstacles ahead – another boat, for example, or a channel marker or a pile of rocks.

SiOnyx is a high-tech company in Beverly, Massachusetts, that makes night vision camera systems for industrial, medical and defense industries. The Nightwave is its latest venture into the marine field. It already makes an Aurora digital color night vision monocular.

You can hard wire the Nightwave (retail price: $1,595) into the boat’s 12V DC system or use a USB connection. It displays a clear, color, digital night-vision image on the boat’s MFD screen. You also can use Wi-Fi to connect it to remotes – a smartphone or tablet – where it will display the same image.

The Nightwave is easy to use and easy to mount. You can mount it permanently on a flat surface, with the ball up or down, using a mounting template and hardware. It also comes with suction cup mounting brackets if want to mount it on a console and then remove it when you leave the boat (for anti-theft protection). You even can mount it upside down on the underside of a hardtop, for example.

You don’t have to worry about getting the Nightwave wet in bad weather. It’s submersible for three feet for 30 minutes. Read more at and see the video below:





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