Tuesday, October 3

New Icom Sat Phone for Worldwide Connections

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The new Icom IC-SAT100 provides worldwide real-time communication at the push of a button. Icom says it’s the world’s first satellite PTT (Press To Talk) mobile radio that uses the Iridium satellite communication network.

The new radio provides communication between a group of people at any time, anywhere in the world, including both poles. It uses the 66 Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites of the Iridium network.

The regular IC-SAT100 can be a fixed mount on a vessel, a vehicle, or in a building. The IC-SAT100M is a mobile device (pictured at top) that can work within 400 feet of its fixed antenna.

The radio lets the user talk to one other user, or to a group, at the same time. Just press the PTT button to transmit. A gateway unit connects the radio to other external devices, including conventional radios using VE-PG4. It works with an IP phone, WLAN, LTA and other radios and communications systems.

The IC-SAT100M radio uses a power-over-Ethernet switch to send a power supply to the antenna. The radio is waterproof and has built-in Bluetooth capability. It also has an integrated GPS receiver showing the position of the received signal on the display, a short data-messaging capability, and a voice-recording function.

The basic advantage of the new Icom is that it does not rely on any land-based radio network infrastructure. It seems to be a good security blanket, letting you talk to another person no matter where you are or how remote your location is. It costs about $1,260. Read more:



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