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Best Dive Spots in the Bahamas: Navigare

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What to do on a charter vacation in the Abacos? Problems, problems. The Abacos are known for some of the most beautiful waters in the world, as well as white sand beaches, warm breezes and easy cruises (as long as you watch your depth).

But they’re also a great place to go diving, for beginners and experts alike. The Abacos are a little more secluded than many other spots in the Bahamas, so it’s easy to enjoy the marine life and dive with the turtles and tropical fish by yourself. The reefs there get more exposure to Atlantic temperatures, and there are lots of caverns and tunnels that beckon divers.

Navigare Yachting opened its new charter base in the Abacos last year in Marsh Harbor, next to the Abaco Beach Resort and not far from the airport. Navigare is one of the larger charter operators in the world, with bases in ten countries.

In Marsh Harbor, the Navigare fleet includes 36-, 44- and 48-foot Aquila power cats. You can charter them bareboat or with a captain. And then you can start your diving vacation.

To help with that, Navigare has put together its list of the best dive spots in the Bahamas. Take a look:

Fowl, Sandy, and Pelican Cays

All three of these dive sites are protected National Parks, keeping their biodiverse ecosystem one of the healthiest in the world. A lack of current makes these some of the best sites to dive (and even snorkel in!) in the Bahamas for all experience levels.

Pelican Cays, Land, and Sea Park protect 2,100 acres of coral reefs. It serves to preserve over 170 species, including sea turtles, so you’re able to see some fish and sea life here that you’d be unlikely to find outside of these areas. Established in 1972, this national park was the second land and sea park of its kind in The Bahamas. The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park was the first, in 1958, and started with the goal of protecting West Indian Flamingos, but went on to inspire the Bahamas National Trust.

Sandy Cay, located inside Pelican Cay National Land and Sea Park is an underwater playground. The coral reef is gorgeous and healthy, so you’ll see a lot of fish and if you’re reasonably lucky, some Spotted Eagle Rays. Because the maximum depth is 30 feet, this area attracts divers of all levels and also snorkelers, making it a great destination if you have both divers and snorkelers in your group and the weather is good.

You can reach Fowl Cay’s 3 square mile reserve from Marsh Harbour were at depths of 33-98 feet, a wide variety of marine sea life is waiting for you. Here, you’ll find rock formations, tunnels, coral heads, and some good swim-throughs and caves. You’ll see some reef fish and likely turtles, but this dive is special for us because of its underwater flowers, sponges, and corals.

Read more at https://navigare-yachting.com/en/destinations/bahamas and see the video below:


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