Sunday, February 25

Yamaha Makes New 450-hp Outboard

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Yamaha just launched its most powerful outboard yet, a 450-hp, V8 four-stroke with more torque, faster acceleration and a higher top speed than ever before.

It’s called a 450 XTO, which stands for Xtreme Thrust Output. It’s a larger version of Yamaha’s 425 XTO, and it’s naturally aspirated with a 5.7L displacement. The new Yamaha is designed for larger, and heavier, boats, and it comes with Yamaha’s updated Helm Master EX controls that are built to handle up to three of the new 450s on a single transom.

The new 450 has several important improvements, including a high-out alternator system so you can charge the batteries faster and use more electronics even when the boat is not moving. The motor uses a three-phase system, producing 96 net amps per engine in neutral. Yamaha says that’s enough to power gyro stabilizers, air conditioning, and sound systems.

The new motor also has a new silencer so it produces less noise at speed, and it features an in-water, gear-lub change system so you can change the oil without taking the boat of the water.  (That saves both money and time.)

The Helm Master EX controls include a joystick that works with VETUS BOW PRO thrusters to improve low-speed maneuvering and docking. The system uses intuitive joystick control over the engine’s power, and proportional control to move the boat in any direction, regardless of wind or current. The VETUS controls eliminate any worry about overheating the thruster while docking.

The new Yamahas will be ready this spring.  They come in white or grey.

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