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15 Favorite Boating Spots: MarineMax

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Now that boating season is starting again, we have to face the perennial question of where to go. We all have our favorite spots, but much of the adventure of boating involves finding new ones. To help with that, MarineMax, the retail giant with 125 locations (including 78 dealerships and 57 marinas) around the world, should have some expertise here, and they just put together a list of their 15 favorite boating spots.

Spoiler alert, they are: The Chesapeake; Florida Keys; Mackinaw Island; Nantucket; Ogunquit, Maine; Lake Lanier, Georgia; St. Augustine; Galveston; Lake of the Ozarks; the Mississippi; Lake Tahoe; Magdalena Bay, Mexico; the San Juans; the British Virgin Islands, and the Bahamas. (As it turns out, I’ve been to 11 of them, which means I now have the other four on my get-to list. How about you?) Read on:

Eastside Treasures

  • 1. Chesapeake Bay

    This massive bay covers many miles off the Atlantic Ocean. See Baltimore in action, eat fresh crab in Crisfield, MD, or connect with nature in 25,000 acres of estuarine marshland. And if you need anything from MarineMax, our Baltimore and Kent Island locations are not too far away.

  • 2. Florida Keys, FL

    We can’t leave out this top vacation hot spot! Enjoy the warm sun, clear blue water, white sands, beautiful reefs, incredible restaurants, watersports, fishing, dolphins, and so much more on these unique islands, where each one is an escapade in itself!

  • 3. Mackinac Island, MI

    Arrive by boat, but no driving is allowed on this land—unless by horse and carriage. This delightful island on Lake Michigan is filled with great restaurants, like the Pink Pony, and will take one back to olden times with its charm and history.

  • 4. Nantucket, MA

    Picturesque beaches, storybook lighthouses, and museums are what this popular location is about. Boutique shops, bistros, and luxurious hotels are also within this area.

  • 5. Ogunquit, ME

    (See picture.) For beautiful sunset views, head over to Ogunquit Beach or check out the downtown area on a fun trolly ride. Bring some tasty lobster aboard to eat, or try some fishing yourself in this family-friendly town.
  • 6. Lake Lanier, GA

    About 60 miles north of Atlanta, you’ll find 700 miles of shoreline at Lake Lanier. This body of water is one of the most popular lakes in the southeast and the largest in Georgia. Besides the many restaurants and shops, there are over 45 parks and close to a dozen campgrounds.

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