Tuesday, October 3

New, Fast AquaDart Nano Scooter

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Here’s something fun for the rest of the summer, or beyond. The new AquaDart Nano underwater scooter that the company says is lighter, faster and more powerful than the competition.

The new AquaDart Nano is the latest from iAQUA, a Hong Kong company, and it’s nothing if not versatile. You can use it as a fun underwater scooter in its own right or carry it on your yacht as one more accessory It also can be used for water safety and search-and-rescue operations.

The 48.5 pound AquaDart Nano is powered by the company’s new Dual-Jet Technology that  produces speeds of more than 12 mph in just three seconds. The company says this represents 60 percent more thrust than other scooters. The AquaDart Nano has an underwater running time of more than two hours.

A five-inch screen displays the scooter’s battery level, speed and depth, plus a digital compass. A smart sensor shows the battery level in decreasing increments. It issues a warning at 20 percent left, and automatically switches to an energy-saving mode with 10 percent left.

The scooter comes in three different models. The most powerful AquaDart Nano 620 Max, pictured here costs $7,490.

IAqua was founded by a team of international engineers with lots of experience in the automobile field, including GM, Tesla, Audi, VW and Bentley. The company’s website says, “We are obsessed with providing high-performance watercraft manufactured to the same rigorous standards of quality and reliability that you would see in a premium car.”

Read more at http://iaquawatercraft.com and see the video below:









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