Sunday, February 25

New Revolve Emergency VHF Antenna

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The new Revolve emergency VHF antenna, a major safety device for serious cruising people, just won an Honorable Mention award at the Newport show. It previously  had been nominated for a DAME design award at the big METSTRADE show in Amsterdam.

The Revolve antenna is designed to provide you with the ability to communicate on VHF Channel 16 even if your regular antenna is down, or inoperable for any reason. The Revolve also comes with AIS compatibility, so that other boats with AIS (an ever-growing number) can find you quickly. It operates on 156-162MGz, is lightweight, and maintenance free.

Based on a design used by the military, the Revolve has a patented design that integrates a high-performance antenna into a roll-able composite material. When you need it, you unroll the material, stretching to 8’ 11”, and plug it into your radio. It comes with rigging holes and Velcro straps, so you can mount it anywhere on your boat to gain height and range. The antenna is waterproof and has an integrated SOLAS-approved LED strobe to help others find you.

Read more at and see  the video below:


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