Sunday, February 25

3 Top New Boats at Dusseldorf

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The Düsseldorf show gets underway this Saturday, Jan. 20, with the largest indoor collection of boats of all sizes and shapes in Europe. Many of the boats introduced there by the larger builders make their way to the U.S. for the shows starting next fall; others just drop off our radar screens.

But it’s always fun to see what’s being shown there, just to get some fresh ideas. Here are three that caught my eye, and they’re all very different.

Steeler 50S TA, where the TA stands for Trans-Atlantic (pictured): A rugged steel and aluminum cruiser that the Dutch builder says is “a go anywhere, semi-planing yacht.” Steeler built the 50S TA for a German couple who want to cruise down the French canals to the Med and ultimately make a 2,100-nm run from the Cape Verde Islands to Barbados. It holds 1,585 gallons of fuel for its two 600-hp Volvo D8 diesels, and it has a Wing Kite system that adds another 4 knots when the wind is right. For safety, all the technical systems are redundant, and Magnus retractable rotor stabilizers will add some offshore comfort. The new Steeler has already been nominated for the European Power Boat of the Year award in the long-range category.

Mayla GT: Here’s the opposite side of the boating spectrum from the Trans-Atlantic Steeler. Founded in 2022 in Hamburg, Mayla has launched the futuristic-looking 44-foot Mayla GT for the luxury performance market; think of a German version of Miami Vice on steroids. Standard power comes from twin 650-hp Corvette V8 gas engines from Ilmor Marine with a top speed of 70 knots. A variety of other racing engines push it up to the 90-knots-plus range. The new Mayla has a deep-V hull with Petestep deflectors for a soft and fast ride; twin steps introduce bubbles of air under the hull for more lift and speed. Built with carbon fiber, the Mayla GT weighs just 4.5 tons. And it has a cabin below so you can relax in between the speed runs.

Wallypower50: Here’s an elegant and versatile entry from Italy’s powerful Ferretti Group. The new Wallypower50 has the company’s iconic minimalist and clean lines that make it stand out everywhere from Monaco to Newport. It’s a social yacht, with sun pads aft and wings that drop down from the bulkhead to create more space there, plus seating for eight under the coachroof and two more on forward-facing bench seats. For power, the new Wally comes with twin 480-hp Volvo IPS650 pod drives for a top speed of 41 knots; four 400-hp Mercury outboards for 48 knots, or four Mercury 500 racing outboards for about 55 knots. A forward cabin sleeps two, with some natural light flowing in from overhead. For more light, Wally’s optional Magic Portholes use video cameras outside to provide sweeping views to screens mounted below. That way the Wally does not require real portholes that would interrupt the design of the hull sides.




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