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Don’t Tie Up Your Dinghy in Miami Beach

There’s some bad news if you’re thinking of anchoring out and want to take your dinghy ashore to visit Miami Beach. The City of Miami Beach has passed an ordinance prohibiting anchoring along Collins Canal, a beautiful, upscale stretch of water that runs northeast from Biscayne Bay starting at mile 1088. The good news is that the bay there is fairly protected and has good holding, sensational views of the Miami skyline and access to Miami Beach’s famous beach, restaurants and other tourist attractions. The ordinance makes it illegal to tie a dinghy to the public sections of the seawall…


New No-Smells Freshwater Head

We’ve all been there at one time or another. That odor of rotten eggs drifting up from the head is every boat owner’s headache. Is it coming from the toilet itself? The hoses? The holding tanks? Whatever it is, it’s no fun. The problem is that you can’t have a cruising boat without having at least one, or preferably two, heads on board. Bowing to the trend to make boats more family-friendly (and particularly more friendly to the ladies of the family), manufacturers are packing heads into smaller and smaller boats, even center consoles. The new Hunt 32cc, for example,…

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