Monday, June 21

U.S. Maritime Administration Warns of GPS Signal Loss

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Here’s another warning about possible GPS signal problems from the U.S. Maritime Administration, part of the Department of Transportation. It said it has received reports recently of lost or inaccurate GPS signals in various parts of the world. To be safe in areas where GPS is potentially unreliable, mariners are urged to use redundant nav systems.

The Maritime Administration just issued its warning, called “Various GPS Interference.” It says, “Multiple instances of significant GPS interference have been reported worldwide in the maritime domain. This interference is resulting in lost or inaccurate GPS signals affecting bridge navigation, GPS-based timing, and communications equipment.” It said that the problems may affect satellite communications equipment.

Over the past year, the Administration said, multiple instances of GPS problems have been reported in the Med, the Persian Gulf, and multiple ports in China. A similar finding in 2017-2019 reported problems in the Med, particularly near Egypt.

The Administration says if you experience any GPS disruptions or anomalies you should report them immediately to the Coast Guard Navigation Center or NATO Shipping Center websites; you also can find best practices there for navigating during any interference. You also can call the Coast Guard NAVCEN immediately at 703 313-5900, 24 hours a day, or go to Read more:



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