Monday, July 13

More Great Boating Gift Ideas for Christmas – and Beyond

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Now here’s an appealing Christmas gift guide that I really like. It has just about everything a cruising boat owner could want, including multifunction tools, hand warmers, foul-weather gear, wooden charts (these are very cool), SPOT Satellite Messenger (a great safety device), a drone, and even information on booking a charter if you really want to get away from it all. And if Santa doesn’t bring you everything on this list, save it and keep it for next spring when you make your first trip down to the chandlery.  Take a look:–KK9ScHXEmuZFs7mtbDSw-4L6a4x328OYmweH3riQybuFomHwIqZXEji9BjUwW1snaUftG-bsrQ68575YEviouxXKEmA&_hsmi=38810354


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