Sunday, February 17

Neiman Marcus Offers Special Christmas Gifts for Cruising Boat Owners. Well…

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In the mail today, we just got the new Neiman Marcus Christmas Book, all 273 high-gloss, four-color pages of it. Don’t ask why we got this homage to high-end spending; I don’t know either. But, leafing through to see how the much-more-affluent-than-I-am are living, I did find some items that would be useful to cruising boat enthusiasts.

On page 73, for example, under the “For Dad” heading, how could any boating dad resist the Funboy Yacht Pool Float (pictured above)? The catalog says it is made with “heavy-duty vinyl with day bed for two, cooler for drink/storage and cup holders,” and it measures 108” x 45” x 16.” It’s imported, and costs $128. Just the thing to take along to your next quiet cove or anchorage.

If the Funboy doesn’t float your boat, perhaps the diaper bag on page 91 will seem like more of a necessity, particularly if you have babies (or grand-babies) on board. This isn’t just any diaper bag, however; it’s a Burberry diaper bag that costs $995. Now $995 might seem like a lot for a diaper bag, but consider this, the entire description: “Black polyamide and acrylic diaper bag with signature check detail and leather trim.” And the Burberry logo is in gold letters on the front flap.

With or without babies, you do have to drive to the boat, so you might as well arrive in style. Take a look at the two Rolls Royces on pages 134 and 135. Neiman Marcus says that “because sharing is overrated,” it suggests his-and-hers Rolls Dawn Drophead Coupes. The his version, in “Saint Tropez Orange,” costs $445,750. The hers, in “Lago di Como Blue,” is more of a bargain at $439,625.

I can hardly wait for Christmas.












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