Sunday, January 20

Battery Chargers: How To Choose the Best One for Your Boat

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Regardless of the size or quality of your boat, or the number of nautical miles you have under your belt, you’re not going anywhere if your battery is dead. A good battery charger can make sure your battery is charged and healthy and is ready to go. This is particularly an issue if you’re not using the boat frequently. But which battery charger do you need, and then where do you install it on your vessel? Here’s a great story to answer those questions from Boating World.

First off, make sure the charger has enough options and features to insure your battery’s long-term performance. A smart charger is able to distinguish between the various types of marine-grade batteries – wet cell, AGM, gel, whatever. And you’ll want one that’s “fully potted,” meaning the electronics are enclosed in resin so that they’re waterproof and resistant to corrosion.

A rule of thumb is that you should choose a charger that’s the equivalent of at least 10 percent of your battery’s capacity. A 300Am battery, for example, needs a 30-amp charger. If you can’t get the exact 10 percent, err on the side of more power, not less. Then install it in a cool, dry spot with adequate ventilation, and try to mount it higher, rather than lower. For more:



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