Sunday, February 17

For Your Next Raft-Up: The Aqua Beach Wave Floating Party Mat

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This doesn’t really bring up visions of Joshua Slocum or bashing ‘round the Horn, but it could add a bit of spice to your local raft-up next summer. It’s the Aqua Beach Wave Floating Party Mat, and it could bring some fun after you tie up in the calm waters of a quiet cove.

The Floating Party Mat is different. It’s made with soft, durable cross-link foam so it won’t tear, and it has four cup holders (need we say more). It has mooring lines and hook-and-loop straps to keep you floating in one spot, and it has Velcro straps so you can put it away easily in the lazarette when the party’s over. It measures 15 feet by 6 feet by 15 inches, holds up to 1,000 pounds, and costs $599.





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