Tuesday, March 26

Fun New Ceclo from France: 5 Knots under Electric Power

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If you’re thinking about a new water toy to put on your dock next to your cruising boat, take a look at the innovative (and relaxing) Ceclo from France. You won’t want to take this out in 10-foot seas, but for a quiet afternoon or evening around your harbor or lagoon, the Ceclo offers something new and fun. And you probably won’t see too many others like it.

Made in France, the Ceclo is an electric-powered pedal boat, meaning you can pedal all day if you want, or if you want to take it easy, turn on the electric motor and cruise for six to nine hours, hitting a top speed of 5 knots. Then you need to recharge the Lithium-ion battery, which takes about three hours with 36 volts, 10A.

The Ceclo is about 13 feet long with a 5’6” beam and weighs 423 pounds. It’s environmentally friendly, with no sound, no emissions and no fossil fuels.

Each new Ceclo can be heavily customized and fitted with one or two waterproof beanbags; they can be can be arranged so that two people sit side by side or facing each other. If you are worried that your new Ceclo will look like everyone else’s new Ceclo, you can choose to paint the hull from nine different colors, order the wood veneer in nine different species, and cover the beanbag chairs in 16 different-colored fabrics.

For more:  http://ceclo.fr




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