Sunday, January 20

FLIR’s New Quantum 2 Radar is Most Advanced Yet. Uses Colors to Identify Moving Targets

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FLIR just announced its most advanced and user-friendly solid-state radar yet at the Miami Show. It even color codes targets so you can see whether they’re moving closer, or farther away, from your boat.

The new Quantum 2 uses Doppler target identification technology, and works with Raymarine’s award-winning Axiom MFDs. It enhances situational awareness by identifying both moving and static images at long and short range. It even uses color codes to moving targets. Red means the target is getting closer, green means it’s moving farther away.

Quantum 2 also has a new Safety Sector feature that highlights and color codes any potentially dangerous static target within 200 meters in front of the boat, so that captains can easily recognize immediate hazards to navigation. To make life easier in congested areas, it uses a Doppler-assisted, 25-target, mini-automatic radar plotting aid (MARPA), originally developed for the Coast Guard, to acquire inbound targets automatically; you don’t have to acquire targets manually or define guard zones.

The new radar uses CHIRP Pulse Compression technology to display such targets as rocks, boats, landmarks and weather cells with high resolution and separation.

The new Quantum 2 weighs only 12.3 pounds, about half as much as many other radars, and its flexible design allows for Wi-Fi networking with Raymarine MFDs. It will be available worldwide this spring, with a starting price of $1,949.99.




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