Tuesday, March 26

Plan Your Cruise Now: Ten Best Small Towns on the Chesapeake

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Some of the best cruising in the U.S. is on the Chesapeake, and some of the best waterfront towns, in my opinion, are along its shore. It seems too obvious to mention Annapolis, except that I’m happy every time I go there, by land or by sea. And then there’s the trifecta of Oxford, Cambridge and St. Michaels across the bay on the Eastern Shore; all three are also cruising meccas, and they’re all filled with history, charm, and (unfortunately) a lot of summer visitors.

But what about the other small towns on the Chesapeake that also are cruising destinations, although some are off the beaten track a bit? With the Chesapeake it’s always a problem of, so many places to go, so little time.

To help us out as we start to plan the next cruising season, Coastal Living has come up with its list of The Ten Best Small Towns on the Chesapeake. They start with Cambridge, and end with Yorktown, on the York River where you can take a free trolley from the Riverwalk to the Battlefield National Park, where George Washington (with the help of the French navy) defeated the British at the end of the Revolution.

If you’re thinking of cruising along the Chesapeake any time soon, take a look at Coastal Living’s list of the best small towns here:





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