Sunday, February 17

Simrad Announces Software Update for NSS evo3 MFDs. More Color, Easier Controls

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Simrad just launched new software for its NSS evo3 multifunction displays with more intuitive controls and lots of color to help you navigate and determine where you’re going and where you’ve been.

The software has new control bars so you can make faster autopilot and audio adjustments, and you can expand the autopilot control button to access heading, rudder and steering information. New color tracks are based on SOG (speed over ground), STW (boat speed through water), TWS (true wind speed), and AWS (apparent wind speed). One new feature is a heat map that’s a chart overlay showing a history of sea surface temperatures where the boat has been. The temperature is displayed as a line that changes color, depending on the temperature (see the picture, above). Other improvements and fixes make it easier to toggle between settings. For more:



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