Tuesday, March 26

Williams Gives More Power, Stability to Popular MiniJet 280 Tender

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The popular Williams MiniJet 280 tender just got a power boost. From now on, the 9’ 2” tender will come with a 50-hp Rotax Ace engine to give it faster acceleration and better handling, even when it’s loaded with passengers.

Existing MiniJet owners can get an upgrade kit if they want to move up from their 45-hp engine. The new version comes with a new dash cluster and a new set of sponsons for better stability.

Designed for owners of boats from 38 to 45 feet (and anyone else who wants one), the MiniJet 280 is the smallest in Williams’ lineup of 14 models. It weighs just 440 pounds, has a 5’ 1” beam, seats three, carries 7.3 gallons of fuel and tops out at 38 mph.

Williams launched the MiniJet 280 two years ago, creating a new market segment. “The MiniJet is truly a unique package for the smaller boat owner,” says Mathew Hornsby, sales director at Williams Jet Tender in Oxfordshire, England. For more:





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