Tuesday, March 26

Woman Taking Selfie Falls 15 Decks off a Cruise Ship at Night off the Bahamas. Crew Rescues Her. See Video

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A woman taking a selfie fell 15 decks off her cruise ship balcony into the water near the Bahamas at night, but quick action by the captain and crew of the Norwegian Epic liner saved her life. Passengers said they could hear her screaming as she fell.

It was about nine at night, with many passengers still eating dinner, when the announcement “Code Oscar portside” came three times over the intercom. The ship, which had been at cruise speed, came to a stop, turned around and launched a tender. Passengers watched as the boat searched in the darkness, using searchlights, trying to find the woman. Within the hour, the captain announced, “We found the person in the water, and she was picked up. She is now in the hospital, so everything is good here.”

The Norwegian Epic put in to Cape Canaveral the next morning where the 53-year-old woman, who was not identified, was taken to the hospital for observation.

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