Tuesday, March 26

KVH Launches New TracPhone with Much Faster Connections and Greater Reach

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KVH just introduced a new, much faster marine satellite communications package with unlimited data and greater range so you can stay connected and enjoy the internet on your boat just as you do at home. The new KVH TracPhone V7hts, the company’s newest SATCOM, supports downloads at up to 10Mbps and uploads of up to 3 Mbps, streaming HD content and video chatting. Those speeds are three times faster than the download and six times the upload on the original mini-VSAT broadband server. The new KVH TracPhone antenna is only 24 inches in diameter and weighs just 57.6 pounds.

KVH says this is the most advanced marine network, made possible by new satellites that add 25 million square miles to coverage, plus greater resistance to weather and rain fade. It offers fast switching among high-speed networks to ensure seamless communications. It has a three-axis, gyro-stabilized antenna with a fourth axis of automatic skew adjustment, so it tracks satellites anywhere from directly above the vessel to those low on the horizon.

The new TracPhone comes with an Integrated CommBox Modem with everything you need in a single box, including the modem, network manager, Ethernet witches, Wi-Fi and storage. Once it’s installed you can get daily news and entertainment, movies, TV programs, sports and charts, weather and voyage planning services. It also has two integrated voice lines for use with satellite services; these can be expanded to up to nine concurrent voice lines. And there’s a Vessel Tracking Service, for real-time tracking and five hours visibility of your ship’s position and track.









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