Friday, February 22

Furuno’s New Point-and-Shoot Autopilot: Just Aim It Where You Want To Go

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Furuno has just developed a new handheld autopilot remote that lets you point where you want to go and the boat will take you there. It’s called the NavPilot-300 with Gesture Control, and it’s made for outboard-powered boats from 24 to 50 feet. You can see a video of it in action below.

The key to the new NavPilot is the 4.1” Gesture Control remote with color LCD that lets you control the boat’s heading if you’re standing anywhere within 32 feet of the helm (and the processor). You hold a button in the middle of the remote, point it where you want to go, release it, and the autopilot takes over.

The new device uses Bluetooth to connect to the processor and the display. The system no longer requires a physical rudder-feedback unit. Instead, it relies on drive-by-wire systems. It’s made for boats with one to four outboards, and speeds from slow trolling to more than 60 knots. See it at work here:


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