Tuesday, March 26

Bermuda Officials Warn of Large Pieces of Broken Up Dry Dock Floating in Ocean

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At least two large sections of a broken up dry dock have been sighted floating off Bermuda, and officials there are worried that they pose a threat to mariners. There have been three separate sightings of the dry dock sections, and Bermuda officials are trying to trace them so they can warn commercial shipping and mariners in the area.

The dry dock left a yard in the Mississippi River in early September, according to gCaptain and Bermuda News, just before hurricane Irma, towed by the tug Pacific Dragon and heading for the Canary Islands. The dry dock reportedly split into two halves in the Gulf of Mexico, and one half ultimately arrived in Tenerife, pulled by the dug De Zhou. Officials think the floating pieces now being spotted south of Bermuda are the remainder of the second half. For more:





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