Monday, February 18

Top 40 Boating Destinations in the U.S. See if Your Favorites Are Here

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What are the best boating destinations in the United States? Or more precisely, what are the 40 best boating destinations in the United States?

To find out, the people at Dockwa, which is, after all, a high-tech operation, crunched the numbers on their app and web site to compile a list of the most-searched-for destinations. They say this is not a ranking, where the first on the list is Number One, and the fortieth is Dead Last, but simply a listing.

To my mind, there aren’t any surprises here. The list starts with Block Island, Rhode Island, and ends with Stonington, Connecticut, with a lot of other great (some really great) places in between. There are large cities – New York, Chicago, Boston, Seattle – and small towns – Greenport, on the North Fork of Long Island in New York; St. Michaels, on the Chesapeake, and Marathon, in the middle of the Florida Keys.

And there are old favorites that probably are on everybody’s list: Newport, Rhode Island; Nantucket, Massachusetts; Marblehead, also in Massachusetts, pictured above, where the harbor is so full of boats you could probably walk from one side to the other without getting your feet wet; Annapolis, Maryland; the San Juan Islands in Washington state.

I scrolled down the list and realized I’ve been to all of them except one – Muskegon, Michigan. I’ve gone by Muskegon, and stopped at Pentwater to the north and Saugatuck to the south, but so far I’ve missed Muskegon. Now that’s on my list.

Take a look to see if your favorites are here:–jyiAdU61-tjPNK2TYyR9UFQc06ST0oZwWB0nzHBaI4LQ1NyNT9xJamt-PrKtXnNEsi28iNjGnTEWXvvdG3L7geJ1uLA&_hsmi=64016397



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