Sunday, January 20

Raymarine Launches New Axiom XL MFDs with Larger Screens, Faster Integration

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FLIR has just introduced a new flagship Raymarine Axiom XL multifunction display, with larger screen sizes, better system integration and user-friendly simplicity. The largest displays in the award-winning Axiom lineup, the MFDs are designed for larger cruising boats and glass bridge installations.

The new Axiom XLs are available in 16-, 19-, 22- and 24-inch displays and are constructed with edge-to-edge glass, so boat builders can create a seamless helm. They also are fully waterproof, designed to perform in extreme conditions. They even can be installed in open cockpits, as well as enclosed bridges and helm stations.

Each Axiom XL uses in-plane switching and Raymarine’s optical bonding display to deliver wider viewing angles, sharp contrasts, and easy readability even in bright sunlight. They come with three Ethernet ports to connect with network sensors or other Axiom, Axiom Pro and Axiom Pro XL displays.

The new MFDs are powered by a fast quad processor that supports Raymarine’s nav, radar, sonar and FLIR thermal technology all in one high-def display. The displays are intuitive and easy to read with an interface that is fast, fluid and easily personalized for each captain’s individual preferences.

Axiom XL’s native FLIR thermal imaging camera supports situational awareness and safety. And HDMI input enables Axiom XL to serve as a remote touchscreen PC or entertainment display at the helm.

“With Axiom XL, we’re now delivering a glass bridge solution that brings simplicity and superior performance to larger yachts and our premium boat partners,” said Gregoire Outters, general manager of FLIR Maritime.

Prices for Axiom XL MFDs start at $6,799.99. For more:






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