Tuesday, March 26

Living On Board For the Summer: Cheaper than a Second House with a Much Better View

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A lot of people are finding that a living on a boat is a lot cheaper, and a lot more fun, than living in a second home on land. And living on the boat definitely has better views. You’ll always have views of the water, and if you don’t like it where you are, you can fire up the engine and move somewhere else. Here’s a fun look at people who are living aboard this summer from observer.com:

“The advantages of living aboard a boat are many,” says David Doody, general manager of the big Brewer Capri Marina in Port Washington, New York. “For starters, you always have waterfront. We have 300 slips. They all come with a water view.”

Aside from the water views, other advantages of living on a boat include flexibility and the ability to fit into a ready-made community. If you’re tired of Port Washington, say, you can cruise up to Montauk, or Nantucket, and start again. It’s pretty hard to do that in a house.

One of the best things about living aboard, particularly in the summer, is that you are in a community of like-minded people. And everyone pretty much looks out for everyone else. I know; I lived on my Grand Banks at Norwalk Cove Marina in Connecticut and there was always someone willing to help, to give advice, to trade stories with (and some of the stories were even true). But if you just wanted to be left alone, to enjoy the ever-changing color of the sky and the water, that was all fine too.

Observer quotes Brad Roaman, a real estate investor who lives on his Hinckley 50 (the salon is pictured above) in Sag Harbor, New York. He says he loves his view. “I could live in a house if I wanted, but I love waking up and going to sleep looking at the lights on the water.” Roaman says he custom-built his Hinckley, “so the space reflects who I am.”

A tip from someone who’s been there: It helps if you’re handy and have a lot of local knowledge. Those qualities will help with your own boat and your own cruising, of course, but they also will help make instant friends on the dock. Read more:




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