Monday, February 18

New, Creative, Carbon-Fiber Anvera 48: The Coolest Tender Ever?

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“The new Anvera 48 might well be the coolest, most technically accomplished yacht tender ever,” says the Robb Report. “Drawn by Aldo Drudi, who first imagined the 48 as an ‘elegant and very fast dolphin,’ the carbon-fiber boat is strong, tough and fast.

“’While the hull has been developed with hydrodynamic features in mind, the superstructure has been defined by aerodynamics,’ says Drudi. The black profile does indeed have a sleek, aerodynamic look – especially with the nifty hard top that seems to float its way backward over the helm station, across the amidships dining table, and to the rear seating…

“The rear gunwales on both sides fold outward to create an open rear deck measuring 215 square feet. Three seats facing the stern serve as either seating or fold-down beds. At the transom, wooden stairs deploy straight down to the sea. The yacht’s almost 17-foot beam allows for a large main cabin in the foredeck.” Read more:





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