Monday, February 18

Cruise Liner Loses Power in Buzzards Bay for Three Hours. All Safe

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The 440-foot luxury cruise liner Star Pride with 351 people on board lost power for about three hours Friday afternoon on Buzzards Bay between Cuttyhunk on the Elizabeth Islands and Westport on the Massachusetts mainland. The Coast Guard sent boats from their stations in the Cape Cod Canal, Woods Hole and Menemsha plus a Jayhawk helicopter. Commercial tugs also responded.

Windstar Cruises, the ship’s parent company, said the Star Pride lost cooling water for its engines and they shut down automatically. The ship lost propulsion. During that time, the company said, “the Star Pride was on emergency generator power, including power to navigational equipment and essential safety systems as well as basic comforts for the passengers and crew.” Indeed, some passengers were eating in the dining room.

After power was restored, the Coast Guard inspected the ship. The Star Pride was on a 17-day cruise from Reykjavik to New York. It was able to resume the cruise on Saturday morning. Read more:









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