Monday, February 18

Which Dog is Best for Cruising? Other than the One You Have Now…

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Which breed of dog is the best for cruising? This question is almost as likely to start a spirited discussion as asking what’s the best boat for cruising? The real answer, of course, is the dog (or boat) that you’re cruising with now. But while many boat owners acknowledge that some boats are more suited for cruising than others, and they may dream about trading up to one of them, very few dog owners will admit to harboring any such intentions about trading in their pet. Your dog, whether on your boat or at home, is still your best friend; to most of us, our dog is a member of our family.

Still, it is a fact that dogs differ; different breeds bring different attributes to the table, or to the boat, in this case. There are the obvious differences in size and temperament separating one breed from another; some need more space than others, some need more exercise. Some are relatively quiet, others tend to bark. Some love to swim; others love to sleep.

To try to present an unemotional answer to the question, Practical Sailor has listed a series of breeds, from Schipperke (which is new to me) to lab retrievers (my own family’s pet for many years) as dogs meant for cruising. Take a look to see if your pet is on the list, or compare the breeds to see which might be next as your loyal cruising companion. Read more:



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