Friday, February 22

How To Recover Your Boat After a Hurricane: Best Tips from BoatUS

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Here’s some great – and timely – advice from BoatUS about how to recover your boat after a hurricane:

With the remnants of Hurricane Florence now on the way out to sea and high waters still posing a threat to some regions, boat owners are starting recovery efforts. The BoatUS Marine Insurance Catastrophe Team began field operations on Sunday, Sept 16, in the Carolinas. To help affected boat owners with the recovery effort, BoatUS offers these five tips to assist boaters in recovering their vessels and starting the salvage  process.

1.Get permission first. Never try to enter a storm-affected marina or boat storage facility without permission. Spilled fuel combined with the potential of downed electrical wires and a host of other hazards make them extremely dangerous places. Smoking is a big no-no. For your safety, never climb in or on boats that have piled up together or are dangling precariously from dock pilings or other obstructions.

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