Friday, February 22

14 Best Bars and Watering Holes in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Don’t Miss the Frangi Fever

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If you’re planning a cruise south, down the Caribbean to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, you might want to plan a stop at some of the best local watering holes and beach bars listed here by AFAR. Even if you’re not going that far, it’s always fun to live a little, even vicariously. Here are some pictures and writeups of 14 of the best bars and restaurants in that part of the world.

AFAR says you don’t want to miss the famous Basil’s Beach Bar on Britannia Bay in Mustique or the great bars on Bequia. The Frangipani on Bequia (pictured above) is an open air, waterfront bar overlooking beautiful Admiralty Bay with gourmet West Indian dishes, including fish and conch plus its own lime pie. Monday nights feature a local string band, while Thursdays call for Jump Up, with a steel band and a Caribbean buffet of striploin, grilled fish, seafood salad and freshly baked bread. At the bar, specialties include a Frangi Fever or Mango Potion; make sure you remember where you tied up your dink.

On Union Island, the waterfront Anchorage Yacht Club Bar and Restaurant, next to the shark pool, starts the day with fresh baked bread and pastries and moves on through lunch to tropical cocktails and a large selection of rums in the evening. The bar stays open until “the last man standing will not stand no more.” Read more:




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