Monday, February 18

New Weego Power Packs Supply More Jump Starts for Your Boat

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If you want to jump start your boat, or your upcoming holiday shopping, take a look at the new Weego power packs. The Weego 44 and Weego 66 Power Packs are compact, rugged devices that have more power and features to make sure your vessel can start every time. They make a useful piece of gear for your boat at any time, and they also could be a much-appreciated addition to a holiday gift list for your favorite boat owner.

Both Weegos have 10 percent more cranking amps of power, with the Weego 66 (pictured above) providing 660 cranking amps, and the Weego 44 providing 440 cranking amps. Both are designed to satisfy the jump-starting needs of boat owners and other outdoor enthusiasts, even tow boat operators who have to supply many jump starts per day. The company says that Weegos offer the safest, most powerful and compact jump starters on the market.

“The upgraded capabilities of Weego 44 and Weego 66 provide increased power and ease of use at an unmatched value,” says Gerry Toscani, the CEO of Weego. “The fact that our Jump Starting Power Packs can jump at such low voltage without compromising safety for the user, their Weego or their vehicle is a testament to our continuous improvement initiatives.”

The new Weego 44 will be available this month, while the Weego 66 will debut in December. For more:





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