Sunday, February 17

Architectural Digest: Will Bermuda Become the Next Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket?

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Now that the America’s Cup has come and gone, Bermuda is back to its natural state: One of the best cruising and vacation destinations in the world. Indeed, Architectural Digest, an arbiter of such things, says Bermuda is on track to become the next Hamptons, Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard, a prediction that could make some old Bermudians wonder what’s happening to their favorite island.

The fact is, however, that Bermuda has a lot going for it, other than being at the other end of the Bermuda race, or a stopping point for a transatlantic crossing (as it was for the historic 2004 Nordhavn Atlantic Rally). To date, it has fewer crowds than the Hamptons and the other East Coast favorite spots; it has longer summers and, if you’re flying by jet (as opposed to cruising by boat) it’s pretty easy to get to.

Two summers ago, in fact, my wife and I had the best of both worlds in Bermuda. We flew there, in the middle of the summer for a family vacation on a spot that was so idyllic that we had our own cove to swim in every morning before breakfast. Then we joined a friend from London who had chartered a boat for a tour of the island. Hamptons or not, we want to go back. Read more:






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