Thursday, August 22

Six Reasons To Take a Crewed Charter Vacation. Reason One: Leave Your Worries Behind

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Every once in a while, we all should have a chance to treat ourselves, to do something simply because it’s fun, or adventuresome or memorable. That’s the way I think about taking a crewed charter vacation. Over the years, I’ve done this both ways – chartered bareboat, and chartered crewed. Bareboat, of course, is where the charter company gives you the boat and you do everything yourself. That’s all great; you get to play captain again but in a new setting in a new boat. A crewed charter, however, is where you just show up, and the charter company does everything for you. You relax, you enjoy, you don’t have to worry about the anchor dragging in the middle of the night or whether you’ve packed everyone’s favorite breakfast food (or evening cocktails). The crew takes care of all that.

Here’s a great story from Islands about the six benefits of a crewed charter vacation. There are undoubtedly more, but six is a start. In many ways, a crewed charter is like staying in an upscale resort, except that it’s floating and it moves to a different spot every night. But someone else is in charge of making sure that everything is up to snuff, that you’re happy, well-fed, engaged and relaxed. The staff is there to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

In this list, the first benefit just about says it all: “Leave Your Worries on the Dock. Prior to departure, your pre-selected crew will contact you to discuss your meal and activity preferences, and prepare and provision your yacht to ensure optimal comfort for every guest in your group. Everything from the food and beverage selection to the fully-stocked bar and onboard water toys (foam noodles, snorkeling gear, stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, fishing equipment, etc.) will be tended to before you arrive.” Read more:



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