Monday, February 18

Aircraft Carrier Carl Vinson Rescues Five Boaters from Deserted Island off Hawaii

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Here’s a story about the code of the sea being honored no matter how big, or small, your vessel may be. Mariners help other mariners.

That certainly was the case when five boaters sent out a distress signal after their boat went aground on the uninhabited island of Nihau, the westernmost point in Hawaii. As it happened, the USS Carl Vinson, a Nimitz-class supercarrier (LOA: 1,092 feet; Beam: 252 feet; Draft: 37 feet) was on an international naval exercise only seven miles away.

The Carl Vinson has a total of 90 fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters on board (plus a crew of 6,062). It launched two Sea Hawk helicopters to rescue the men; they carried four to a Coast Guard outpost on Kauai, and flew the fifth to a hospital.

“We were ready,” said Capt. Matt Paradise, the Carl Vinson’s commanding officer. “When nearby mariners needed assistance, we stepped up immediately and helped. That’s what we’re trained to do.” Read more:



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