Sunday, April 21

New Luxe Version of 26-foot Jet Capsule Holds 12, Hits 62 Knots

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If you’re worried about your boat looking like everyone else’s boat, think about the Jet Capsule. It may look like an egg, but the new Royal Version 001 is 26 feet long, 12 feet wide, can carry up to 12 people, and tops out at 62 knots, according to the company.

The new Royal Version 001 is a larger, faster and more luxurious version of the original Jet Capsule pod craft. A carbon-fiber door at the rear, opened at the touch of a button, leads to the teak-trimmed interior, with a head, a wet bar and leather seats. The futuristic Jet Capsule pod is fully customizable. The Royal Version 001, for example, has photochromic windows that change transparency in response to changes in light. And there’s air conditioning and heating to keep you comfortable. An armored version has a rooftop bunker and bulletproof glass.

Power comes from single or twin Yanmar diesels paired to Hamilton or Rolls Royce jet drives. A green option with twin Torqeedo electric engines provide an eco-friendly 12 knots. The basic version, powered by a 370-hp Yanmar diesel, hits about 32 knots, weighs 6,400 pounds, and carries 87 gallons of fuel. It costs $285,000, and takes about six months to build in Jet Capsule’s plant in Naples. Read more:





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