Thursday, May 23

New 9-Pound Crankenstein Portable Jump Starter from Weego

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Weego says its new portable jump starter is so light you can lift it with only one finger: It weighs just nine pounds. The new wonderfully named Crankenstein is also, according to Weego, the smartest, safest and most compact marine-grade jump starter in the world.

The new Crankenstein Jump Starting 12V/24V Power Pack may well be all of that. It is a powerful 12- and 24-volt portable jump starter that would be a smart and safe addition to your boat’s basic cruising equipment. What boat owner hasn’t worried about losing battery power at some time?

It’s hard to deny the appeal of a jump starter that is so compact and light; Weego says that Crankenstein is 80 percent lighter than comparable lead-acid jump starters. Crankenstein is powered by lithium-iron phosphate batteries.

Crankenstein provides 1,200 cranking amps and 5,000 peak amps for 12-volt systems and 600 cranking amps and 5,000 peak amps for 24-volt systems, enough power to jump start boats over 30 feet. It also will jump start 0-volt batteries.

“When you are in the middle of the ocean, having reliable power is critical,” says Gerry Toscani, CEO of Weego. “Any time spent dealing with a dead battery while adrift or at anchor can mean the difference between a good day on the water and a bad one. Instead of stopping everything to get a tow over VHF or spotty cellular reception, you can reach for Crankenstein with literally one finger for the power you need.”

Crankenstein is made for the harsh marine environment and can be stored in lockers, lazarettes or dock boxes. It works in extreme temperatures, from 28 degrees below zero to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Its battery is rated for up to 2,000 life cycles and will hold a single charge for more than a year. You can charge it in just six hours on the go from a USB-C DC charter or a standard AC outlet. It also includes a USB-C port for phones and tables. It costs $699.












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