Monday, February 17

New Sta-Plug Mini Could Keep Your Boat from Sinking

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Here’s something you’ll probably never use, but if there does come a time when you need it, you’ll really need it. The new Forespar Sta-Plug Mini, designed to fill small holes in your boat’s hull in an emergency, is making its debut at the Newport International Boat Show in September; it’s part of the Newport for New Products promotion.

The Sta-Plug Mini is cone-shaped and made from high-strength, rubber-like composites with riblets that help it conform to the shape of the hull. It’s  four inches high and two inches across the base and you can compress it by hand and squeeze it into a hole or even a broken hose. You also can use a tool (a hammer comes to mind) to give you extra strength.

The plug can be used to fill irregular contours of the hull or stop round leaks from a broken hose or a through hull. The idea is that it seals the leak around the edge where you need a tight fit. It’s for an emergency repair, and it is not intended for fuel leaks.

Forespar says the Sta-Plug Mini will remain soft and ready to use for years; it won’t mold or swell up like a wooden plug. And its bright color makes it easy to find quickly.

The Sta-Plug Mini comes in a pack of two, which costs $19.95. That could be very low-cost insurance you could keep in a locker or lazarette in case you ever need it.








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