Tuesday, October 26

“No Wake Jake” Sinks Boats in Alabama, Becomes a Folk Hero

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To some people, No Wake Jake is becoming something of a folk hero around Smith Lake, Alabama. Now we know that we usually don’t write about lake boating, or Bonnie-and-Clyde types either, but this story is just too good to pass by. Particularly when the hero is a masked man called No Wake Jake.

It turns out that a masked vigilante has been sinking boats in Smith Lake at night, in an effort to reduce the damage that boat wakes are causing on shore. A surveillance camera caught his image, above, which was posted on the Facebook page of the local Walker County Buzzard.

More than a few people are unhappy that Jake has caused their boats to sink to the bottom of the lake; others hail him as a folk hero who’s protecting the peace, safety and property values. Smith Lake, with 500 miles of shoreline, is the largest lake in Alabama, with lots of upscale waterfront homes. The average price of a lakefront home for sale there is $434,000.

Authorities say No Wake Jake uses a hole saw equipped with a silencer to sink the boats. “This guy is basically like Batman, if Batman sunk expensive boats instead of fighting crime,” one told the Buzzard. And they point out that he’s actually committing serious crimes.

Meanwhile, some residents have hung banners on their docks with messages reading, “Go No Wake Jake, Go!” and “Sink One For Me Jake.” And 47 residents have formed a committee urging Jake to run for Sheriff in 2022. Read more: Facebook: The Walker County Buzzard





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