Sunday, February 23

Where To Put the Toys? Buy Another Boat

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Most cruising boat owners have a problem with space, particularly space for the dinghy or tender and all the water toys we want to take on board. Where to put them all? Larger boats have aft boat decks as extensions of a flying bridge with cranes, but the rest of us have to find room on the transom, the cabintop, the lazarette, wherever.

Here’s a solution: A separate boat. Indeed, Incat Crowther, an Australian company, has developed Hodor, a “Shadow Cat,” as a 217-foot backup boat that carries all the boats and toys that don’t fit on the megayacht mothership. It was built at the Burela yard in Spain and was cruising this fall in the Med. The big catamaran tops out at 22.5 knots, so it doesn’t have any trouble keeping up with its larger companion.

But it’s what’s on board Hodor that makes it so special, starting with an Airbus H145 helicopter, painted to match the boat’s colors. The chopper has its own helipad, of course, and then Hodor has a series of smaller boats to carry guests over to the mothership.

Boats on Hodor’s main deck include a 24-foot Novurania RIB, a 30-foot Metal Shark landing craft, a 53-foot Hydra-Sport with four Seven Marine 627-hp outboards, a Ski Nautique, and a 388 Skater race boat that tops out at 150-mph.

Then there’s the submarine, with its own garage. Hodor has a small hospital, with a decompression chamber. In another garage, the cat carries nine jet skis, four Yamaha squad bikes, two Yamaha ATVs, four Yamaha trail motorcycles, two Laser sailboats, and a Hobie cat.

Hodor is large enough so that it includes luxury cabins for guests, a dining area, galley, lounge and bar. It also houses a crew of 20 to maintain the chopper, the sub, the other boats and toys.

If you have to ask how much all this costs, well, you know the old saying…Read more:




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