Monday, July 6

New Sea Ray Features Lithium-Ion Battery Pack To Run Accessories

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Sea Ray just introduced its new top-end, outboard-powered SLX-R 400e model at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, featuring a new electrical system that takes the place of a genset on the boat.

The 40-footer is powered by three 450-hp, V8 Mercury Racing outboards. It also has Brunswick’s new Fathom e-Power with a high-capacity, lithium-ion battery pack with enough storage to run all the accessory systems on board, including air conditioning and gyro stabilizers. (Brunswick owns Sea Ray.)  The Fathom e-power system is eco-friendly, in that you don’t have to run the outboards, using fossil fuel, if you just want to run the AC or enjoy your entertainment systems when you’re anchored out or rafted up.

Steve Langlais, the Sea Ray president, says that Fathom e-Power can run all the boat’s accessory systems for up to eight hours on a single charge. It works with house batteries, separate from the engine batteries, and they can be recharged from shore power or the electrical output from the outboards in five or six hours.

Langlais said the SLX-R 400e will be ready for sale by the end of the year. Brunswick also expects the Fathom e-Power system to be incorporated in some of its other boat models as well.

The new Sea Ray has a futuristic-styled helm station, with 16-inch Simrad displays and a boat-wide audio system with Airplay support for streaming Apple devices. Brunswick also displayed a concept helm at the CES that features gesture and voice recognition. Read more:




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