Sunday, November 29

Kayaker, 67, Missing in Everglades for 12 Days; Rescued by Cell Phone

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A 67-year-old on a solo kayaking expedition was missing in the Everglades for 12 days. But then sheriff’s deputies found his cellphone on the banks of a river, recovered  his last know GPS coordinates, and found him the next morning.

As it turned out, they found the man, Mark Miele, from Virginia, just in time. “When we found him it didn’t look like he was moving and we didn’t know if it was going to be a rescue or a recovery,” Ed Henderson, the rescue helicopter pilot told CBS affiliate WINK. Miele had severe hypothermia and was dehydrated.

Originally, Miele set out on what he planned as an eight-day kayaking trip. When he didn’t return, he was reported missing. After a few days, sheriff’s deputies found his sleeping bag, tent and maps of the Everglades. They also found his cell phone.

That was on Sunday night. By noon Monday, the rescue helicopter spotted Miele in the water, just a few miles from where they had found his phone, wearing his yellow life jacket and barely moving.

Rescuers from the sheriff’s office, the National  Park Service, and Florida Fish and Wildlife pulled Miele out of the water. He’s now recovering in a Naples hospital. Read more:



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