Sunday, September 20

New Sub from U-Boat Worx: Cruise at 6 Knots

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If you’re looking for a new toy, think about the U-Boat Worx HiPer Sub 2, a two-person sports sub that goes 6 knots on the surface or under the surface and that provides what the Dutch builder calls “the ultimate underwater experience.”

In the HiPer Sub 2, you can glide along and admire the view, or you can engage in underwater acrobatics, performing loops, steep turns and vertical ascents and descents. The intuitive joystick controls let you, along with your trained pilot, maneuver the sub like a fighter jet, all in air-conditioned comfort. The sub comes with a depth sounder, sonar, touchscreen nav system and underwater lights.

The sub can dive up to 330 feet, and stay underwater for six hours. It has six thrusters and it’s powered by lithium-ion batteries with a 32 kWh capacity. The HiPer Sub 2 is 10’ 2” long and 8’ 8” wide and it weighs just 5,510 lbs. The company says you can tow it behind your car and launch it at your local boat ramp. It also could fit in the garage of a large yacht.

U-Boat Worx, in Breda, Holland, was founded in 2005 and make a variety of submersible vessels.



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