Sunday, November 29

New Bitter End Inflatable SUP; Fits in a Backpack

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Before it was devastated by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in September, 2017, the Bitter End Yacht Club was one of the most sought-after, and highly recognized, destinations in the British Virgin Islands. The Bitter End has been rebuilding its 64 acres since then, but in the interim it has launched Bitter End Provisions, “to help you prepare for your next nautical adventure.”

The company says the criteria for something to qualify as a Bitter End Provision are that “It works hard and works often. That it has been tested at sea. And that it pairs really well with a bottle of rum.”

That’s the spirit we like. The current Provisions include a Bitter End Classic Tote, for $84; a Bitter End Bottoms Up Belt, for $48, and a Bitter End Classic Cap, for $29.

Now, particularly since boating season is approaching, they’re offering an Inflatable Sundowner SUP, with a backpack, paddle and pump, for $1,100. The Bitter End SUP is 11 feet long, 34 inches wide, and it can support 325 pounds. The good news is that it weighs just 40 pounds and fits in its backpack, so you can stow it just about anywhere.

The new SUP was designed for the Bitter End by Caribe SUP, and the company says it’s an “awesome travel companion,” to use “whether you are cruising your favorite cove, taking a spin around the anchorage, or finding your center with a little SUP yoga on the lake.”

You can use it wherever you’re cruising, of course, but it seems to me the best place would be back at the BEYC, once it’s open again. Read more:



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